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One of the biggest thrills I get when I open up my studio to visitors is connecting with new people. I’m not talking about just meeting people, I’m talking about making an actual connection that leaves me with a fuzzy and warm feeling. This past Saturday I had the pleasure of connecting with some new fans--and in my view, new friends--that has left me smiling from the inside out. I feel so incredibly grateful when someone shares their personal time with me and chooses to express positive thoughts about my work and makes an effort to learn a little more about me and not just my art. To make some of the encounters more special, I even got hugs from people I had just met! I felt wonderful when this adorable little girl hugged me tight and thanked me. Her mother even said to me, “Thank you for inspiring my little girl!”.  Wow! I have no words and thinking about it gives me chills. Knowing you’ve influenced someone in a positive way like that is priceless and truly memorable.

I also met a lovely couple that had recently moved here from Chicago. We shared some thoughts on the differences between the city life they are used to and what our lovely metropolis has to offer. I’m confident they will figure out their new traffic/bike routes quickly and before they know it, Houston (or maybe even Pearland) will feel just like home.   

Hugging Nicole

Hugging the awesome artist Nicole Gavin

Making a true connection with a fellow artist that is reawakening their creativity is also something I cherish. Many of us artists have gone through similar phases of “life getting in the way” and neglecting or suppressing our creativity. But when someone chooses to tell me that they are reemerging from life’s burdens and letting the creative juices flow once again, it is very inspiring and exciting to see the beginning of another person's journey. To put a bow on the present that was this artist’s presence, I extended my hand to say thank you and he responded with “I’m a hugger!” and brought it in. I’m humbled and still basking in the joy these people brought to my life.

Most exciting was to have met a couple that have had a décor dilemma that I may be resolving.  I will be visiting their home soon to help them make some final decisions on a new plastic piece that will adorn their foyer. Dr. Pepper bottles, here I come!

To everyone that has visited my studio at 1824 Spring Street #116, I give you a big heartfelt THANK YOU. I hope to see you again soon at the Spring Street Fall Biannual and at my upcoming solo show at Galeria Regina in January 2015.

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