Desires Fulfilled and Slaughtered

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Have you ever looked at a painting and thought, “Hmm…I like just this one part but not all of it”? And if given the choice, would you choose to buy just a piece of said painting, requiring a piece of it to be cut out? Well I’m very curious to know if someone would dare to buy a piece of a painting and on Friday December 13th, I will hopefully find out. 

At the > 20 Square Feet Exhibit Artist Reception this coming Friday, there will be for the first time (that I’ve heard of), the option to buy just a piece of a painting. Some of the artists have chosen to participate in the “Buy The Square Foot” program in which a buyer can choose to purchase 1, 2, or more feet of a piece of their choosing. I’m lucky to be showing in this large piece exhibit curated by Matt Adams and my piece will be up for slaughter if a buyer so chooses.

The piece I’m showing is called “Fulfillment of Desire”. The title speaks to my on-going pursuit of sharing, improving, and selling my artwork. In the past year I’ve dedicated myself to becoming familiar with the Houston Art scene and I’ve just scratched the surface.  Although there is still so much more to examine and research, what I’ve seen has invigorated and added even more fuel to my artistic fire. What I’ve enjoyed the most are the artists that have been so welcoming and open in the truest form of community. To every artist and supporter of the arts that I’ve met here so far…a huge thank you!

> 20 Square Feet Exhibit Artist Reception - Facebook Event Page to Join and Invite friends.

Expect a follow up post with some notes on my experience at the upcoming reception.  

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