Gratitude for the Fire

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I'm feeling especially grateful today. Although I feel a little bit of stress (never mind how much I'm eating), I like the reason for the stress. And stress really is an exaggeration. It's more of a little bit of pressure that sometimes is needed to light a fire under my booty. I've decided to make a new painting to be considered for a juried competition and the deadline is in 8 days. There are dimension limitations that none of my finished pieces meet, so that's why I have to make something new.

I got started on it Sunday and I'm making plenty of progress. I'm feeling dang good about this one!

I'm also waiting to hear from Jerry over at Salon 2512 so I know what day this week I'm going to hang my pieces there. I still haven't decided whether or not to have a little reception to celebrate the occasion. Kindling.

I'm so grateful to the Houston artist community too that has been so welcoming and friendly. Although I've only just started getting involved, I already feel part of a very supportive, talented, professional group. I would especially like to thank Marlo Saucedo, a sweet and extremely talented lady. I would also like to thank Taft McWhorter, whom I hope to be working with soon. Taft has been extremely supportive, generous with his knowledge and is all around a super cool guy! And a HUGE thank you to the Houston Artists' Collective Facebook page. I love seeing new work, hearing about funny and sometimes annoying things that happen to us as artists, and all the helpful advice.

Here's the first progress pic. I'm still undecided on the title but thoughts are brewing.

Sketch for "Gratitude"

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

At Blue Orange Gallery - Salon de Refuses Part III


Gratitude at Salon de Refuses


  1. How ’bout, “Gratitude For the Fire”, since the deadline and dimension limitations is what sparked the need for the new piece? 😀

    • Oh there you go…being all smart and getting me and stuff! Gotta love it!
      Good idea Maggie-Donna!

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