Jumpstart Attempt No. 1

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It’s finally happening. I’ve been given the opportunity to have a solo show in a gallery. The gracious Regina Verani from Galeria Regina has given me what will be the best birthday present a girl could ask for. This is a first for me and I’m beyond excited. You’d think I’d be bursting with ideas, new work, inspiration, etc. You’d think I’d be making new work night and day. Well, the excitement has actually paralyzed me and I’m having a hard time starting. Starting anything. Before I start a new piece I want to first decide on a theme so that the new work I create for my solo show speaks to one point of view. And I guess that’s the main problem at the moment, choosing ONE point of view. I have so many.

The first thought I had immediately after being offered the solo show was to chronicle the love story between Charles and myself. I thought I might do my usual abstract work along with some plastic and paper pieces and title them each to illustrate each milestone of the journey that brought our lives together in the perfect way only hindsight reveals. As much as telling our love story gets me excited, that idea has somehow lost its steam. It may be revisited at some point, not sure.

The second thought I had was to make abstract landscapes to represent the various places I’ve lived and visited. When showing my work to Regina at the Galeria Regina, one of my abstract pieces that resembles a landscape got a strong reaction and in the recent past has also gotten a lot of attention during studio visits. I’ve been meaning to explore the “landscape” theme so maybe this was the right time (as you can see in some of my latest digital sketches).       Monica Melgar Blog - India Deities - Asia Societ


But then, just when I thought that landscapes was it, I went to an Exhibition Tour at the Asia Society. The focus of the tour was their “Transcendent Deities of India” exhibit. Oddly enough I was not expecting to be moved and fascinated as much as I was. I should mention my bias towards all things India. I’m not sure when my fascination for India began but at some point in my life when I got the opportunity to go to India to work, I immediately took advantage of the offer. Since then my love for the culture, food, people, and fashion of India has grown even more. The tour was eloquently and passionately guided by a wonderful docent that is from India and was extremely knowledgeable about the artists and subject matter. During one of the last explanations of a pen and ink piece she mentioned how all these artist had returned to their roots. That even though these artists may no longer live in India or necessarily practice all the Hindu traditions, the mythology, religion and philosophies that had been instilled in them as children were an undeniable part of them. She explained that because these artists took on something so familiar yet perhaps forgotten to them, and used it as a means to express themselves, the result is genuinely true to who they are as Indian people.     

 And that’s what got me thinking about a different theme all together. A theme that would explore my true roots and influences. Seems daunting I know. However, it seems that the harder something appears to be…the more I’m drawn to it. And so this journey will begin with one of my earliest memories….


  1. I love this idea so much! It has a fabulous kernel of greatness! I am really looking forward to what comes out of you with this as the inspiration!

    • Monica

      Thanks Cinnamon. “Kernel of greatness”….I’m gonna HAVE to use that now! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the ride and we can review the results at my opening next year because you will have to be there!

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